shaping the 

next generation.

Inclusive, safe and challenging classes in Gymnastics and Street Dance in Watford and Bushey

Watford Bushey gymnastics classes acro

Recreational Gymnastics.

Gymnastics classes split by age and ability. Take 1 or multiple classes with us. One of the only Gymnastics clubs to have classes all year round!

Watford Bushey gymnastics classes acro
Watford Bushey gymnastics classes acro

Competitive Gymnastics.

We compete in both Acrobatic Gymnastics and Tumbling Gymnastics. Both completely unique disciplines. We have County, National, and even INTERNATIONAL Champions!

Hip Hop & Street Dance.

Inspiring confidence, learning proper technique, and new choreography week to week, our new Street crews are stepping up! Join them today!

Watford Bushey gymnastics street dance classes acro