Recreational Gymnastics


Our classes are initially split by ages, and inside the classes the students are split by ability into smaller groups.

(18mo - 5yrs)


(4 - 7yrs)


(8 - 11yrs)


(8 - 16yrs)

Teens & Adults




We have 3 class lengths: 1hr / 1.5hr / 2hrs. You can sign up for multiple classes throughout the week if you wish

1 hour Classes


15min Warm Up

10mins Lines & Prep

30mins Floor & Apparatus

5min Cool Down

1.5 hour Classes


5min Cardio Warm Up

10mins Strength work

10mins Stretching

10mins Handstand work

10mins Walkovers 

20mins Front Tumbling

20mins Back Tumbling

5min Cool Down

2 Hour Classes


Very similar to 1.5hour structure, with more time dedicated to Tumbling, and some partner work is introduced.


Our content of our classes varies depending on the time of year. See below for more details.


Autumn Term


During the Autumn Term, we are working towards our progress awards, the 'O Levels'. These are our very own awards system, focussed on what the student wants to learn, and quick progression.

Spring Term

In the Spring Term, we practice in preparation for our very own OSIRIS DAY! This is a day of informal competition, festivities, facepainting, games and more!

Summer Term

We go all out in the Summer Term to create an AMAZING Summer Show!

Full costume, props, and complete theatre production. It is not to be missed!