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Hertfordshire Acro County Championships 2018

­­ The Hertfordshire Acro County Championships are a yearly affair, with more than just medals up for grabs. The chance to be crowned County Champion, as well as various trophies available for outstanding performances too. Not to mention, there was another chance to tumble too! One of the few competitions where we don’t have to travel for 3 days through various terrain to get there! Stevenage… literally “round the corner mate”. We jumped on the coach at around 8pm, and were knocking on the doors of the gymnastics centre by 8:30. I hope I hear a faint round of applause? Yes. Good. We entered the gym in all our Osiris army glory, complete with poppies for remembrance day. Safe to say, next yea

LEA + LAGC Acro 2018 (Leicester)

What goes around, comes around... in a way! Our trip to Leicester was nostalgic in that this was where Acro began for me! The first ever Acro comp we came to was this comp. Were successful then, would we be successful now? We all jumped on the coach, said bye to parents (well, some of the gymnasts didn't even manage that!... literally just disappeared inside the coach, never to be seen again... until we arrived of course). We did arrive nice and early, which gave us time to set up the award-winning Osiris Salon. Hair buns completing at a rate of around 5 per 10mins. Each bun only costing a minuscule £55.00 (to be added to the parents invoices around Christmas time, because that's the best ti

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