British Championships 2016

We attended the British Championships ("The British") for the first time ever. What an experience!

This is the most prestigious and competitive event in Acrobatics in the UK. If you are here, you're good. You're better than good. You really mean it. And we did.

We took our 11-16 WP of Layla & Mercedes, and our 11-16 WG of Clara, Leah and Hannah to Liverpool for the 4-day event. They missed school for this... the joys and elation they expressed was somewhat concerning :)

The schedule was simple. Thursday - Podium Training. Friday - 1st Routine. Saturday - 2nd routine. Sunday - Finals (if you're pretty damn good).

Thursday's podium training went well. The venue - The Echo Arena - is vast... you could stick all of Simon Cowell's assets, including the helicopter and yachts, and still have room. They had plenty of space! Just before, we managed to sneak some shopping in, and I treated the girls to some brand new training gear, as a thank you for their hard work (they really did work harder than a german builder working to a deadline).

Friday saw the first routines being performed. The WP had a hard time with their routine having a serious error with one of their moves, nevertheless they recovered well, and knew they had to work well in the 2nd routine the day after to even sniff at the chance to be in finals (you have to finish Top 8 overall to qualify). The WG performed very well to finish 4th after their first routine, beating some well established clubs easily.

The Saturday saw the 2nd routines on floor, alongside the rhythmic gymnasts too, making it quite a spectacular competition to watch. Our WP fully redeemed themselves, with a great dynamic routine, to pull their overall scores up high enough to qualify through in the top 8 in their category reaching the finals for Sunday! The WG also performed a great 2nd routine, remaining well within the top 8 in their category, finishing 5th - up their with the best of them!

On Sunday we arrived at the arena with 5 very excited and keen gymnasts ready to compete in the Finals of the British! Amazing achievement already. Both WP and WG performed stunning routines, with the WG doing especially well considering they had only been together for 4months prior to competing in the most elite competition in the country! They finished 4th!!!! What a great experience this was for all competitors.

Onwards and upwards. Bring on next year!

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