South Tyneside 2016

Change is the only constant in life.

South Tyneside is a competition we have been to with many gymnasts over the past 4 years. They have always provided a smooth and welcoming event, despite the North Easterly breeze attacking our faces up there...

The Osiris Acro Army landed around 5pm on Friday evening, having plucked the soldiers out of school to make the journey (much to their delight). The journey was full of laughs, with no hiccups.

We quickly made haste to get to the competition venue for Podium Training (the training on competition equipment the day before a big event). Although this lasted 1hr, it felt like 5mins to the gymnasts and coaches. Despite not training on a sprung floor, they showed absolutely no signs of being phased by the transition from training to competition equipment. They all performed well in the evening.

The Premier Inn enjoyed our service for the first night where we stayed and had dinner. The gymnasts were whisked off to bed ready for the 1st day of competition.

The morning saw our 11-16 WP, G3 WP, G3 MxP competing. Our 11-16 gymnasts trained well in the morning before the comp, but unfortunately nerves got the best of them and finished their balance routine with a fall in one of their moves, resulting in a low score. Later on, our G3 WP performed a clean routine, finishing 11th out of a whopping 38 pairs - good work! Onto our G3 MxP of Nathan & Matilda. During their routine, you could have heard a penny drop in the huge space... they quite literally silenced the crowd. Their mesmerising performance scooped them a BRONZE medal!

We exited the venue with Tigers Acro on their submarine of a coach (the longest coach I have ever seen. Double decker. Rolling in style... as we do). Our dinner was booked at a great italian restaurant where many a prawn and a pasta were consumed. The gymnasts were once whisked off to bed shortly after returning to the hotel, and we heard rumours of the parents staying up a little later having a great time bonding... something about a cereal box?? We're sure those stories will come out in our Christmas Party - the perfect stage for such things.

Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave... we descended on the competition venue once more to see out 11-16WP perform their 2nd routine, and our G4 MxPs perform later. The dynamic routine saw an uncharacteristic mind-blank from the base, and a move was not performed, leaving a low score. The G4 MxP's were in a tough category, competing against previous national medallists. Nevertheless, Sam & Romilly ended in 4th (by only 0.1) and Rex & Darya finished a stunning routine to gain a SILVER medal to end a great weekend!

1, 2, 1, 2, 3 O-SI-RIS, O-S-O-G [dab]

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