BOAC 2016 - Holland

There moments where you realise talent transcends space and time. This weekend contained a plethora of these.

The Breda Open Acrobatic Cup (BOAC) in Holland is a great competition at the start of the season for all. This was the first instalment for Osiris, but the second for some of the gymnasts and coaches. One or two of them have now become seasoned veterans on the international stage.

Friday night saw nine Osiris Gymnasts, and three coaches arrive in Breda for three days of competition, including travelling straight to podium training from the airport. No rest for the wicked. And the incredibly funny. Also the insanely talented. Ok, enough about the coaches. Meanwhile, back at the bat cave, the gymnasts had a gruelling 1.5hrs of training ready for the following days. They trained well and didn't let up. Determination and commitment had set in more than that permanent marker so politely etched on your new white walls by your two-year-old niece. Fabulous. We then dropped back into the hotel for some smoked mackerel, side salads and all things healthy. And chips. Ahem. Then bed. Sleep. Prepare. Focus. Rejuvenate.

Saturday came. Game face. Did you hear me. I SAID GAME. FACE. I Don't think you understand. We. Are. Here. So move out the way. We had our two Mixed Pairs (male&female) Sam&Romilly and Rex&Darya competing. A few shakes in the training room. Nothing to shake them both from producing wonderful performances on the floor. There wasn't much to separate them at all. They made quick work of the other competitors, Sam&Romilly gained the SILVER medal, with Rex&Darya gaining the GOLD medal. Absolutely sensational start to the weekend! [Insert 'dab' here].

The Saturday night included a Gala Dinner which, safe to say, Osiris made the party!!!! Many a dab, JuJu and gangnam style were produced thanks to the party organisation from us! We had over 200 people joining in :)

Sunday morning came. FIG time. FIG? Whats that? Those unsightly things that have no business calling themselves fruits? No. Not them. FIG = elite levels. We had our Womens Group (3 females) of Clara, Leah, and Hannah, and our brand new Womens Pair (well... you get that one) of Layla&Natalie competing. Our WP had only been together for 4 weeks. Remember that. Literally go get a pen. Write it down. I'll wait. Meanwhile, back at the bat cave, as we were in the FIG levels (scroll up if you've forgotten), they had to compete 2 routines - 'balance' and 'dynamic'. The WP were up first with their balance routine. Stunning routine. GOLD medal. Pow. The WG were up next with their dynamic routine. Splendid. Guess what. What? GOLD medal.

Meanwhile, back at.... well... you get the point, we were back on for our 2nd routines. The WP had their dynamic routine - a few shakes and wobbles, but nevertheless, well performed. BRONZE medal. You heard. Shortly after, the WG were up with their balance routine. A brand new one. "Eek!" I hear you say. No eek-ing necessary, because after a shaky start, they pulled it out the bag. BRONZE medal. So overall, the WP achieved SILVER, and the WG also picked up a SILVER! Both in large categories - there were 18 against our WG!!!

What a stonking weekend. Stonking I tell ya. Couldn't be happier. EVERY gymnast medalled at our first international of the season. 4 GOLDS, 2 SILVERS and 2 BRONZE medals. Good times.