King Edmund 2017

18 Gymnasts. 3 coaches. 2 days. 1 competition.

What a weekend! The King Edmund Acro Invitational 2017 was the first competition for many of our new gymnasts, and the first in a long time for others. With that said, we could never really predict the outcome… let alone the fact the scoring had all changed as of this year!

We travelled to Yate (nr Bristol) Friday evening, on our luxury Mercedes Benz coach (only the best, darling!). It was a good trip – all the parents were well behaved (and the children too). Unfortunately the dinner service was not quite on par with the transport service. We finished a late dinner due to management issues. The Ship Inn was then given an alternative and justified title. Nevertheless, we briefed the gymnasts, and they were put to bed straight away.

Saturday morning came, and we were to see the performances of 3 new partnerships – our MP of Delone & Henry, WP of Clare & Tabi, and our WP of Nancy & Pippa. The boys were first up. A decent routine with room for improvement, but cleanly executed for the most part. They unfortunately finished 3 out of 3. Clare & Tabi were up next. A great start of the routine, which became shaky throughout, and came undone with a lower score than we’d hoped for. Performance factor was good to see! G1 WP of Nancy& Pippa did well in their routine, as it was their 1st comp, like the boys and Clare, finishing a clean routine to land them in the middle of their category. It was a great first day, to see no dropped moves, really well behaved gymnasts, and supportive parents!

We travelled back to the hotel for the evening, got spruced up, and went to dinner at the lovely La Piazza in Thornbury. A very nice restaurant where we had an entire space to ourselves, including being able to cater for the gluten free options too. Marvellous. Apart from a few late meatballs, and a crème brulee which was stolen from a husband by his own wife (not mentioning any names, Elisa), it was a great evening. The gymnasts were whisked off to bed, and the parents had a night of chillage (colloquial noun for ‘down-time’). Apparently there was a story about grapes? Maybe another time, Dee.

Sunday morning came (a bit earlier than wished for). Sam & Jacob joined our troupe, and we were ready to go. After waking Sam up singing happy birthday in his room at 6:20am, to his delight (not), we were headed back to the comp venue. Sunday saw 5 partnerships competing – MP Oliver & Jacob, WP Amelia & Bella, WG Wendy, Tamara & Sara, MxP Sam & Romilly, MxP Nathan & Mati. Oliver & Jacob performed a cheery routine, with some wobbles, and definitely some nerves, but overall not too bad for first time. Amelia & Bella had a great performance, with an amazing technical score, landing them not to far from the medals in their category. Our WG were probably the most nervous of the weekend (3 nervous girls – what could go wrong!)… and unfortunately made 2 large uncharacteristic mistakes, to what otherwise was a well performed routine. Sam & Romilly had a tough weekend as Rombo was injured, and therefore didn’t warm up any moves, but still managed to place 4th in their category. Last routine of the weekend was definitely one of the best performances – Nathan and Mati shone bright, to gain the Silver medal in their group.

What a long weekend. A lot to improve on, but a great start for many of the squad :)

Shout outs to:

Adi – Recording all routines

Egle – Hair & Make Up for the squad

Jamie, Zelda & Others – feeding the squad!