Regional Championships 2017

Another competition? Another competition. Another one? YES, damnit.

Ah. Which one? Great question James. It is the REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. Umm... yeah, so? What do you mean 'so'?... my friend... Regionals means opportunity to qualify through to 2 National competitions.

Oooooooooooh. Ok.

You're damn right 'ok'.

So, basically - placing 1st in your category sends you to National Finals. Placing 2nd in your category sends you to Inter Regional Finals. Both competing with the best in the country. This was the first year EVER Osiris gymnasts were competing in the Regionals.

Wait, the first? Yes the first. Pay attention, foolbert. My bad. Its ok don't do it again.

We had 5 partnerships with us - 2 WGs, an MP and 2 WPs (see previous posts for abbreviations). All beaming with excitement after realising the power of motivation, the night before.

We travelled to Salto Gym Club in Luton via a rather practical minibus - lets just say it wasn't quite a Rolls, darling. We got there. 30mins early. Lots of people waiting outside in the rain. Doors due to open at 9:00. Coaches and judges slipping through some Harry Potter style back door - leaving their gymnasts outside. Interesting moment. Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave, we waited it out, and we got in.... eventually.

First up on the floor were our WP of Amelia and Bella. Wow. Wow. What a routine!! Clean and crisp and crisp and clean. Thank you girls - they got the highest technical score in their group but missed out on the top spot through difficulty. Nevertheless they won the SILVER medal and qualified for the Inter Regional Championships (IRC) in April!!

After this, our elite Trio of Leah, Clara and Hannah performed their 1st routine of the day - Balance. They truly shined with an astonishing 8.85 artistry score - this was the highest artistry score of the whole entire competition, amongst all grades. What a start!

Meanwhile, the next partnership up were our G3 Trio of Wendy, Tamara and Sara. They performed well, with a massive improvement on last comp - narrowly missing out on bronze medals. Wendy actually cracked a lovely smile in her routine - good job!!

The afternoon also saw our MP of Delone and Henry. They were amazing - technically great. They had the highest technical score in their category and the 2nd highest artistry score. They battled against their penalties for difference in heights, and slightly lower difficulty. If it wasn’t for that, they’d have had the top spot! Instead they achieved a great and deserved SILVER medal, again qualifying for the IRC in April!!

Next up was our G4 WP of Saya & Natalie. What can I say? Genuinely nothing. I judged their routine the night before, and I was at a bit of a loss. I couldn’t write much down. So? Well, that’s a good thing. Judges only write down deductions. I didn’t write many, and neither did the judges at the competition. Smashed. It. To. Pieces. They beat everyone in the largest category in the competition - 18 pairs!! Highest Technical Score in the whole entire competition!! They were crowned REGIONAL CHAMPIONS and have qualified to the National Finals in May!!