Saltney Classic 2017

Ashira and Sara SILVER

Back at the Saltney Classic for another year!

Wait. Saltney?

Where’s that?

Its near Chester.

Ok, but where is Chester?

North of the Watford Gap.

**Walks Out**

Meanwhile… we love a good Saltney Classic, as it marks the end of one season, and beginning of another. It is the last comp in the current season, and usually the first comp for many. As was for us this time around. Much to some parents’ worry, we entered 15 gymnasts in the competition for the weekend, travelling via train from London, and having a coach tour whilst in the Chester area (we actually stayed in Wrexham…. Where?... Shut up. Tut.)

Thanks to our natural talent at making friends in the sport, we were allowed to train at the gym on the Friday evening for an hour in amongst their gymnasts, which proved useful as I’m sure Elton John at 8years old new which direction he was going more than some of our gymnasts on the floor at some points. Nevertheless, we helped out with some setting up, and we got some good training in. Afterwhich, we grabbed some grub and settled into our familiar surroundings of the Premier Inn in Wrexham. Seriously, where is Wrexham? (I’m warning you…) The kids were allowed to chill out together in the boys’ room – which was fine, until we realised our smallest gymnast, who wasn’t even competing, had the capacity to make the most noise. I shall not name and shame Aurelia at all. It also didn’t help that this new hotel was made out of what could only possibly be paper mache (if an ant sneezed, you would have been disgruntled at the loud sound).

Visual representation of freedom

The first day of competition saw our G3 WP and G4 MxP, MP and WG all performing valiantly. Apologies if I’m making it sound like something out of Braveheart, but, well, you know. First up where the new WP of Clare and Mimi. These two were brilliant! Can you believe they missed out on bronze by 0.1!!! They were 4th out of 23 partnerships. Way to go! Next was our MP of Delone and Henry. They had new moves to perform, and did so very well, coming out with the Gold medal. After that, it was our new MxP of Jake and Holly (also known as Wolly, FYI). They performed a beautiful routine to make the crowd go silent! They came away with the Silver medal. Last of the day for us was our new WG of Wendy, Amelia and Bella. Despite the insanely galactic beam of a smile which Bella produced throughout the routine, the girls had an uncharacteristic drop in the first move, which took them out of medal contention. Ironically they did extremely well in the moves which they were worried about!