Falcon Invitational November 2017

What’s this? A local competition? It isn’t 230miles away? Lord above. Many thanks.

Our very first time attending the Falcon Acrobatic Invitational was an eventful one! After a mix up (more on that another time), we pitched 4 new partnerships into their very first Acro competition.

We had three WP’s, with Jess & Mai performing first out of our partnerships, right at the end of their round. Despite a small time in the warm up area, they competed a great first routine, winning the GOLD medal! Our 2nd WP in the same category Holly & Anna really shined bright, but made some mistakes which the judges picked up on, placing them 4th overall.

Next up we had our new G3 WP of Evie & Natalia. They literally warmed up and stretched in a nanosecond, and jumped straight onto the competition floor. It must have been some superhero warm up because they performed well to gain the BRONZE medal.

Lastly we had our new G3 MxP of Oliver & Erin. The crowd were silent for their routine, and they performed to gain one of the highest scores of the day, and awarded the GOLD medal.

What a great start for everyone!