Herts County Championships Nov 2017

Another comp just up the road. We can get used to this, for sure. This time we were in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, for the Herts County Championships!

We entered 8 partnerships into this competition, from Grades 1 through to 4. The competition was a great success.

We arrived early for the doors to open at Marriots gym, where we had to keep our gloves and scarves on – was very very cold! After we warmed up (about 8 times), and had stretched, we were ready to show the world what we were made of (or just Hertfordshire…).

Our G1 WPs of Holly & Anna and Jess & Mai competed wonderfully, with some spectacular performances on the floor, gaining some impressive technical scores, and coming away with the SILVER and BRONZE medals respectively. They filled the podium! Our brand new G2 WP of Katrin & Ava did well for their first comp, coming away with the BRONZE medal in their category – amazing work.

Next up were our trio of G3 WPs. Amelia & Pixie narrowly missed out on the medals winning a 4th place. Not too bad considering it was Pixie’s very first gymnastics competition of her life! Clare & Mimi did amazingly well as Clare had previously injured herself in Tumbling, and still decided to perform her floor routine, coming away with the BRONZE medal. Brave stuff. Here at Osiris, we make warriors, not shields. Next we saw our Evie & Natalia perform a fantastic routine which was highly praised by other coaches, wining the SILVER medal along the way!

Our G4 WP of Wendy & Bella brought their sass to the show with ease and confidence, producing some great technical work, to award themselves the SILVER medal.

A massive well done in the Tumbling arm of the competition, to Mai for gaining a SILVER medal, Amelia a BRONZE medal, and Jess gaining the GOLD medal being crowned COUNTY CHAMPION!

What a competition!! Great work from all :)