Acro Regionals Jan 2018

Happy New Y...... just stop. It's now the 17th of January - if your year is not happy by now, just start planning 2019...

Meanwhile it was the weekend which was to determine if it was a happy new year for the gymnasts at Osiris, as we kicked off the second half of the season with a competition within a week of starting school! Straight in at the deep end they say...

With the coach on Sunday picking gymnasts up at 7:30 & 7:45am, it was a cold, early start. (One of these days we'll have a competition in the Bahamas, starting around 4/5ish, with free mojito's - mark my words). We arrived in Milton Keynes for the East Regions' Acro Regional competition against the regions best. Naturally, our first motive was to annoy everyone around us as the gymnasts began singing some window-related song... ask them, not me.

The Grade 1, 2 and 3s were competing first and were all prepared despite eating multiple minced pies and a dash of the 'bolly' over Christmas (where are my Ab Fab fans??). Our G1 pair of Jess and Mai began the day with a fantastic and clean routine, giving them one of the highest execution scores, and overall scores in the ENTIRE competition - they of course came away with the GOLD medal in their category! This was soon followed by our G2 pair of Holly & Anna, who had only learned their new skills a week before. This didn't sway them as they performed well and got themselves on the podium winning a fantastic BRONZE.

We then saw our three G3 pairs competing. Katrin & Ava had also recently moved up a grade, and although there was an uncharacteristic mistake toward the end, they performed brilliantly. Evie & Natalia always perform their hearts out to their music (which I had never heard before Coach Lucy started creating the routine - true story). They did not disappoint, picking up their 3rd medal as a pair, this time a BRONZE! Last of our G3s was Amelia & Pixie. This pair did absolutely amazing, considering it was their second ever competition together. They performed to every beat of the music, with great skills allowing them to pick up the GOLD medal! Fantastic!

Our G4 pairs were competing during the afternoon, in the same category. Clare & Mimi performed a well dramatised new routine with some new skills also. Unfortunately some miscommunication meant their ending didn't go as planned. Wendy & Bella shone throughout, but some mistakes in their individual skills cost them. Between 1st place and 7th place, there was a spread of only 0.67!!!!!! I've honestly never seen that before. Nevertheless, Wendy & Bella still had one of the highest artistry scores!

It was a fantastic day of results, and we can proudly say we not only have County Champions, but also REGIONAL champions too!!

Thanks to all involved.

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