Spelthorne Acro Cup 2018

"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional." -Roger Crawford

Never a truer word has been spoken. We travelled to Sunbury on Thames (sounds lovely doesn't it?) for Spelthorne Gym's first invitational competition. Inside it was lovely. Outside... well.. meh. They were proud to show off their 3million pound mansion to all whom stepped inside (don't worry, ours is coming - no doubt). This was always going to be a tough competition, as they are one of, if not the best Acrobatic clubs in the UK, and definitely amongst those in the world. The best attract the best. Facts.

Our competition was split over 2 days. Saturday saw G2 and G4 competing, with the 'odd' grades competing on Sunday. They're not that odd... just a bit 'special'. Our first day of competing was an eye-opener especially for our younger more inexperienced gymnasts, as they saw world champion gymnasts competing in the same arena they were! Absolutely jaw dropping stuff. Like walking into your room to find your dog has chewed through your brand new Justin Bieber hoodie. Jaw. Dropping.

The Grade 2 gymnasts of Amelia & Pixie and Holly & Anna did well to perform amongst an extremely strong field of gymnasts, with Amelia & Pixie narrowly missing out on a medal finishing 4th, out of 19 partnerships, and Holly & Anna finishing further down, due to some errors later in their routines. Nevertheless, we still shone bright as always! Our Grade 4 pair of Wendy and Bella did exceptionally well with an even stronger cohort of gymnasts to contend with. They finished in 6th, with a very good artistry and execution score compared to the other gymnasts. They unfortunately made large errors with the last skill, putting them out of medal contention.

Sunday saw our Grade 3's perform first, with Katrin & Ava, and Tamara & Natalia on the floor. Katrin & Ava pulled off their best routine (technical score) yet, to finish in 8th place. Definite 'hats off' moment to Tamara & Natalia. Forget hats off... better take off your scarf, gloves and kick your feet up too. The pair had been working together for 10days prior to this competition. 10 days. That's barely a holiday. That's the same amount of time each year the UK see's the temperature rise over 14 degrees. That's also the same amount of time Natalia hasn't smiled in her entire life so far. Together. Despite this short period of training, these rugrats decided to come 3rd. A BRONZE medal. Pardon? How many partnerships in their category? Let me check.... oh yes. 27. Yep. 27.

Our Grade 1 partnership of Jess & Mai were so eager to compete, they decide to drive all the coaches insane. If they weren't asking when they could warm up, they were asking when they could warm up. The eager beavers didn't disappoint. They thought it would be a great idea to win GOLD. Yep. 1st. Out of how many? Yep. 18 partnerships. Absolutely Fabulous.