Saltney Classic Acro Cup 2018

"Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

From Friday 1st June to Sunday 3rd June we decided to take an awesome holiday in Chester, which is on the border of North Wales. When we arrived, we heard there was a gymnastics competition going on in Saltney (5mins away from Chester), and so we thought we'd put our names down for that. It was quite convenient indeed.

We travelled up on the train with 25 goblins, and 5 of us master goblins, including 3 higher-order goblins. It was literally a goblin-fest. Never been to one? I wouldn't recommend it. Goblins are loud, obnoxious creatures who need to be fed and watered (not having water going IN, but mostly coming OUT.... constantly). We arrived in Chester in the afternoon, and immediately dispersed the goblin troupe into Chester Park. They had much fun. The Master Goblins hid under a tree... something to do with the goblin life-cycle.. as they get older, the sun seems to kill them. The King Goblin was having none of it - he stayed out in the sun as he knows this country gets 5.7days of sunshine every 13 years. We also rode the goblin train!!! Much more fun than it looked. Mildly overwhelmed. (It really doesn't take much).

The evening saw the goblins get together with the higher-order goblins to stuff their faces with extremely healthy meals at the hotel. We say no more. One of the Master Goblins turned themselves into a Goblin-Bank (I hear it was organised better than Goldman Sachs and RBS) which helped the higher-order goblins muchly when it came to paying for anything and everything. Then it was lights out. Ready for DAY 1 of the oh-so-convenient gymnastics competition we had signed up for 1 day previous.

DAY 1 was here. We had 8 goblin partnerships competing (some for the very first time!). Our G5 MxP of Jake & Hannah performed a great Balance routine to start off the day. Then our Grade 1's were up, including some of the cutest goblins you'd ever see!! Our G1 WPs of Lucy & Mollie and also Nicole & Mylie were fantastic on the floor in their first comp. The crowd cheered so loud for them! Our G1 MxP of Taye & Issy showed a super cute routine to Beauty and the Beast, and got an "awwww" gaining the Bronze medal. It was our new G1 WP of Ava & Sophia who started off the success train, performing a great routine to come away with the SILVER medal!!

Onto our G3's! Our new MxP of Oliver and Lottie performed their routine to a piano piece, and performed well, gaining the Silver medal. Our brand new G3 WG of Ella, Jess & Mai performed absolutely amazingly, capturing the judges attention, with a very emotional routine. They had only been training properly for 2 weeks, and still came away with the SILVER medal out of 15 groups! Not only that, they came away with the best Artistry score for their performance! Then our G3 WP of Amelia and Pixie literally obliterated their routine, and their competition. They performed their energetic routine with ease. They were streaks ahead of the rest, gaining the GOLD medal!!

Jake & Hannah were last of the day performing their dynamic routine. They flew high above the clouds, and destroyed their competition, to gain 3, YES 3 GOLD medals in Dynamic, Balance and Overall scores. Well done to everyone for their first day!! 17 Gymnasts with Medals already!

Saturday evening was all about the Goblin Gala. The Gala for Goblins if you will. Higher-Order Goblin Lucy booked us a fantastic looking restaurant - The Olive Tree restaurant in Chester. The interior was eclectic and the menu looking scrumptious. We sat the goblins down in a completely separate goblin room. The Carers of Goblins (COGs) all sat down, rather parched... smacked the food menu out of the waiters' hands, instead reaching for the Drinks Menu. All was going so well. We arrived at Olive Tree at 7:30pm. It was now 9:30pm. 3 COGs had received food, and not a single Goblin had eaten. Have you ever seen a hungry goblin? What about one that had been at a gymnastics competition for 9hours, and hungry? Now the goblins were hangry. The Higher Order goblins were annoyed, and King Goblin was acutely [insert expletive here] off. 62 of us were booked at the restaurant. The last goblin to be served was served at 10:30pm. 3hours. 3 actual hours. Some of the COGs got past the point of annoyance and managed to get themselves within good proximity of the King Goblins bottle of prosec..... ribena. They were having a great time hungry! We eventually got back to the hotel at 11pm. What a night. If you're wondering, NO we didn't pay. A thing.

The higher-order goblins and Goblin-Bank all went to sleep promptly, waking up with a completely clear head all round.

Back to the comp! DAY 2! We had our G2's and G4's competing on the Sunday. Both our G2 pairs were brand new partnerships. Naomi & Samaa produced a great comedic routine, which made the judges smile, and Holly & Reka really shone bright in their routine gaining the second highest Artistry score in a category of 13 partnerships! Our G4's were fantastic. Both Tamara & Natalia and Wendy & Bella were clearly a step above the rest. They both had identical Execution and Artistry scores. Unfortunately Tamara & Natalia picked up quite a few penalties for various reasons, which dropped them to 4th (missing out by 0.05!), whereas Wendy & Bella pulled their socks up to create a GOLD winning routine! (Despite Bella's EPIC breakdown 5mins before the routine... maybe we need that more often?... I mean it was an Oscar-Winning breakdown from her. Even she said "I can NOT believe I did that nonsense" after the routine was finished. Very mature self-evaluation from a 10yr old!)

What a competition!!! 19 Gymnasts with medals... absolutely fantastic. Big shoutouts to goblins Mollie & Issy for creating (What won't be an insanely irritating..) dance ( 4months time)!

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