South Tyneside International Cup 2018

Oh how time flies! We were only competing in Saltney two minutes ago, and all of a sudden after a great Summer of training, we're back on the competition circuit yet again!

We have not visited South Tyneside for a few years, and it was great to be back. I always say it is one of the best competitions in the season, and to experience the great level of competition this early in the season is nothing short of a treat.

Due to new partnerships recently formed, we only took 3 pairs to the competition, and kept it cosy! Our journey up was full of laughs, some sitting on the floor of the train due to a football match going on in Sunderland [insert roll eyes here], but eventually we found seats. Up til that point, the hilarious train staff kept us entertained!

Our Podium Training on the Friday went well, and in no time we were back at the hotel munching on some halloumi, chicken strips and salad.

Our first day of competition saw our newly formed G3 WP of Ella & Mai. They performed an eye-catching routine which stunned the judges. They achieved a score of 27.55 which is an extremely lofty result! One of the highest scores in the ENTIRE competition! They came away with the SILVER medal, behind a pair who were National Champions last year. Well done girls.