LEA + LAGC Acro 2018 (Leicester)

What goes around, comes around... in a way!

Our trip to Leicester was nostalgic in that this was where Acro began for me! The first ever Acro comp we came to was this comp. Were successful then, would we be successful now?

We all jumped on the coach, said bye to parents (well, some of the gymnasts didn't even manage that!... literally just disappeared inside the coach, never to be seen again... until we arrived of course). We did arrive nice and early, which gave us time to set up the award-winning Osiris Salon. Hair buns completing at a rate of around 5 per 10mins. Each bun only costing a minuscule £55.00 (to be added to the parents invoices around Christmas time, because that's the best time to be asking for money from parents of course).

Hair done, smiles ready. We kicked the day off with not only Acro, but a Tumbling competition too! Our G3 WPs of Ella&Mai, Holly&Reka. Both partnerships performed fantastic routines, with an almost standing ovation for the first pair! They both achieved the GOLD and SILVER medals respectively, with Ella&Mai achieving THE HIGHEST SCORE of the whole day. Well done all 4 girls!

Our super newly formed G1 WPs of Ava&Niamh, and Sadie&Lucy performed for the first time ever! They did very well given the pressure, and acted like they were never nervous. They did so well they beat experienced pairs to gain SILVER and BRONZE medals respectively. Amazing work!

Our last partnership of the morning was our brand spanking new G2 WP of Jessica&Mollie. All I can say is "watch out for these two"... they performed a great 1920's Charleston routine which had the judges smiling from ear to ear. They smashed their competition to gain the GOLD medal.

Our Club G4 tumblers were also on show, Naomi, Pixie, Sophia and Mai flipped and tumbled down a fantastic carbon fibre tumble track, and really impressed the judges, as we came away with GOLD, SILVER, 4th and 5th places respectively. And we don't even tumble that much! Well done to those girls.

Lunch. Done.

The afternoon was slightly quieter for us (not in terms of gymnasts... they're always loud, and bugging, fluttering little creatures). Moreso for the fact we only had one acro pair and two tumblers competing.

I honestly have no idea what was/is/was going to happen here.

Our new (yes another new pair) G5 WP of Emily & Bella were competing their balance routine (as dynamic is quite there yet!). They competed well, with a good technical score, but their artistry was not up to the level of the competing pair who beat them (only by 0.1 may I say!). They came away with the SILVER It was oh so close!

Our tumblers Hannah and Jaspar were finishing off the day with some more advanced tumbles than this morning, including flicks, whips and somersaults (nope... they are NOT the same thing! tut!). Both tumblers blew their competition away and both gained the GOLD medals in their respective categories.

So a little reminder of what we achieved this weekend:




17 gymnasts, 16 medals. What a day!!!

I'll leave you with the below best photo of the day. Our amazing Mollie was apparently listening to 'Level Up' by Ciara. I fully disbelieve this. I believe she was listening to a TED talk on "How to let go of being a good person - and becoming a better person'.

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