Hertfordshire Acro County Championships 2018


The Hertfordshire Acro County Championships are a yearly affair, with more than just medals up for grabs. The chance to be crowned County Champion, as well as various trophies available for outstanding performances too. Not to mention, there was another chance to tumble too!

One of the few competitions where we don’t have to travel for 3 days through various terrain to get there! Stevenage… literally “round the corner mate”. We jumped on the coach at around 8pm, and were knocking on the doors of the gymnastics centre by 8:30. I hope I hear a faint round of applause? Yes. Good.

We entered the gym in all our Osiris army glory, complete with poppies for remembrance day. Safe to say, next year, we’ll be packing blankets for the morning. The gym was colder than outside. No, it was.

The morning saw our tumblers bounce along the super springy tumble track. We had some great tumbles from our gymnasts, and even though we mostly train in Acro, we spared some time in our training schedule, which allowed for the following tumbles to gain success at the comp:

Jaspar: GOLD


Sophia: BRONZE

Well done to those gymnasts!

The afternoon brought about the main event – the Acro competition! First up were our G3 and G4 WPs of Holly&Reka, Ella&Mai, and Tamara&Matilda. All 3 pairs clearly have settled well into the competition season, producing fantastic routines which all caught the judges’ eyes. H&R did very well to gain the BRONZE medal. E&M continue to dominate their category picking up another GOLD, as well as winning the trophy for HIGHEST SCORING PAIR of the whole competition. The organisers failed to mention they were the highest scoring routine FULL STOP, across all grades and categories. I won’t fail to mention such things. No sir. Not a chance. On to G4 - Tamara & Matilda were in their 2nd comp of the season, and performed superbly to bring home another GOLD medal for the team!

Next up were our new G5 Trio and new G3 MxP’s both with their first competition of the season. The G5 Trio of Amelia, Hannah & Pixie were competing their balance routine which although didn’t go according to plan, was danced well on the floor. The G3 MxP of Peter & Lucy also danced well, but although made some unfortunate execution errors still gained the SILVER medal!

G2 WP were up next with Jessica&Mollie. These 2 continue to impress us and the judges, as they stomped through their category to pick up a GOLD medal!! Can’t wait to see these guys progress throughout the season.

Our G1 WPs, G4 MP and Trio were last up to compete for the day. Lottie & Tyla were a brand new partnership and only had their routine for 4 sessions, yet still managed to place 4th! Well done to those two. Sadie&Lucy and Ava&Niamh brought home BRONZE and SILVER medals again for the 2nd competition in a row! Fantastic work!!

Our Trio performed a nice Dynamic routine, as well as the new MP of Oliver & Jaspar dancing well In their routines at the end of the day also.

Last but by no means least.. it was trophy time. To be crowned County Champions… did we do it???