East Regional Acro Cup 2020

Happy New Year to you all!! (yes you’re allowed to say that until the end of Jan, stop arguing with me. Tut.) We started our competition season slightly later this comp year, to be more mentally prepared and bump up levels quicker. Sunday 19th January saw us compete in the biggest competition of the region - the East Acro Cup! Of course, we didn’t disappoint the fans!

We took 8 partnerships down/up/sideways to the Milton Keynes Gymnastics centre at 7:30am bright and early. (It was 9... but then, well... lets just say we’ll look back to this post and chuckle in years to come... we love you Holly!!!!). There’s something about waking up at 5:50am on a Sunday without a boarding pass printed which will never sit right with me as long as I live. Anyways. 

We greeted the familiar faces of the Acro Gymnastics world, and we settled into our spot at the back of the gym, and enjoyed TikToking for the duration of the day, in between juggling Jaspar’s fluffy squidgy toys. Muchos fun. 

First up was our new Mixed Pair of Peter & Mai. They started the day off with a bang and a top 10 score of 26.4!!! Fantastic artistry to the song ‘Sarabande’. They placed first winning the GOLD!! Our 2 Grade2 Womens Pairs of Lottie&Maya and Maimie&Lucy did a smashing job for their first time out on the comp floor. Well done ladies!!

Next up saw our brand new Grade4 Womens Pair of Ella&Tyla (our youngest partnership!). They performed an outstanding routine to wow the judges with a great technical score, and ended up with First place gaining the GOLD medal! Its worth mentioning they had the largest category of the day with 21 pairs up against them! Great achievement!!

After the break we had our Youth Pairs competing - Oliver&Jaspar, otherwise labelled as “OJ” (thanks Coach Lucy - love that name!), Tamara&Sophia & Amelia&Reka. OJ did not disappoint with a routine with some edits and new skills, still brought a 17.1 execution score to the table, picking up the GOLD medal. Great work on their pathway to becoming elite gymnasts. The  Womens Pairs did very very well with only a difference of 0.1 between them! Tamara&Sophia clinched the top spot for a GOLD medal and Amelia&Reka came in a close second with a super emotional routine to “Dancing On My Own”. Someone would think I have issues to deal with, choreographing all these emo routines. Please send counselling my way. Cheers. They gained the SILVER!