Spelthorne Acro Cup 2020

"Do not put off until tomorrow that which can be done today"


The Spelthorne Acro Cup, located in Sunbury-on-Thames is always a great addition to the calendar. Its close. It's competitive. It attracts the best. What more could you want? World Champions performing? Tick. European Champions performing? Tick. Actual healthy options at the Café for once? Tick.

The competition started on the Friday before... the calm before the storm... with our podium training. Can anyone guess why it is called podium training? First correct guess wins a prize! This was our practice before the competition, using their equipment. The training went relatively well. Reka was sent to nurse her growing pains, and Tamara unfortunately picked up a wrist injury which we'd hoped would settle down by her competition on Sunday. Nevertheless we saw some great gymnasts in practice, and the Osiris students were duly inspired (when we told them to look away from TikTok that was!).

Saturday Morning saw our G3's perform, including our women's pairs of Holly&Niamh, Maimie&Lucy, Lottie&Maya, and Clara&Izzy, as well as our women's groups of Naomi, Ava & Sophie, and also Jess, Sadie & Leela. It's safe to say although the girls performed well, ensuring all routines went clean (no falls), there was a sharp realisation as to the standard of the competition. No medals this time round unfortunately. Well done to all the girls as they gained invaluable experience and inspiration to attack their training when back in the gym.


Sunday saw a very interesting day for Osiris. Not only was Lucy pointed out for being the only Vegan in the room (Spelthorne you are mean. Honestly.), but although we were due to have 4 partnerships perform, unfortunately we ended up with only 2 competing. We had to withdraw Ella&Tyla through injury, and Tamara&Sophia were withdrawn during warm up on the day as we had hoped Tamara's injury would have settled, however it proved to be too painful to compete.

Ergo, all eyes were firmly planted on both our Amelia&Reka, and Peter&Mai.


First to compete out of the two pairs were Amelia&Reka to Calum Scott's Dancing On My Own. The judges liked it. They really liked it. They put in the highest technical score and 2nd highest artistry score of their category. Unfortunately due to an error with their tariff sheet, the head judge slapped a juicy 1.0 mark deduction, taking them from the GOLD down to 4th place. This was entirely not their fault whatsoever, and were CLEARLY the best on the floor. In our eyes, they DID win!!

Peter&Mai waited a while to compete as the comp rate a little late towards the afternoon, not that anyone minded, watching the absolutely insane Cirque-Du-Soleil-worthy gymnastics on show. They had a rough warm up, with Peter deciding he would warm up his tumbles towards a wall. Yes. A wall. We do love him. Some shaky skills solidified into ice sculptures when they competed their routine. The judges commended them for this, to award them the GOLD medal!!

TWO TOP SCORES, OUT OF TWO PARTNERSHIPS ON SUNDAY! What a way to end the (very) long weekend (for the coaches and judges).

On to the next one!!


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