We're going all year round!

Yes we are changing our Recreational Classes to a 48week annual structure where all classes run throughout the year, apart from 2 weeks break in August for Summer Holidays, and 2 weeks break for Christmas Holiday season. Want more information? Read our FAQ style post below:

What changes are being made?

Monthly Payments

All OSIRIS classes have been made payable MONTHLY, instead of termly. This helps to keep costs more manageable, so there will be no more large termly bills and ensures gymnastics and dance are accessible to all.

Classes All Year Round

As part of our move to monthly membership, classes will run up to 48 weeks of the year, with exception of short breaks for 2 weeks at Christmas and 2 weeks August summer holidays.

Why have you decided to move to classes running all year round?

We feel the best way to help our gymnasts and dancers to progress and develop their skills, is to run classes throughout the year.

How are payments worked out?

For all of our classes we work out a monthly plan for all members. For each class attended, we calculate the cost of attending the class for the entire year (taking into consideration the breaks around Christmas, August Summer holidays and any bank holidays). We then divide the entire payment over 12 months of the year. Payment is on the 1st of each month. All gymnasts must also ensure they have arranged British Gymnastics Membership (insurance cover).

Are there different membership plans?

We have 3 different plans, dependent on the length of session your child attends:

  • 1 hr / week plan

  • 1.5 hrs / week plan

  • 2 hrs / week plan (this may be 1x 2hr class, or 2 x 1hr classes)*

We also still offer sibling plans, where the second sibling receives a 10% discount on the cost of their membership.

*Multiple classes booked receive multiple class discount.

We also have specific membership plans for our Development, National and Performance squads. Squad memberships are by invitation only, from our coaches. We run squad trials, throughout the year.

Do I have to pay for the full month if I join after the start?

No! If you join OSIRIS after the 1st of any month, we will pro-rata the number sessions remaining for that month and invoice you for a covering payment. Your first full monthly membership cost, will be on the 1st of the subsequent month.

Term started for recreational gymnasts and dancers on the 12th April, will membership for April be pro-rated?

When you sign up for the Summer Term, the system will assign you a membership plan for your class. Membership for a full month of classes, will not commence until the 1st of the subsequent month (1st May). We will pro-rata the number of sessions remaining forApril and invoice you for a covering payment.